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Are you looking to satisfy your clients through robotic products such as robotic arms, Franka emika pnada, or industrial robots? If yes, then you are reading the right webpage.
TQ systems Shanghai Co., Limited is a one-stop shop for different requirements a robotic products’ customer has. With over a decade of consistent struggle, we are now recognized as one of the best robotic arms suppliers.

Why Choose Us

TQ Systems has its production facility in Shanghai, China. Its business climate helps us to work steadfastly with consistent energy.
What makes us separate from the rest of our competitors is our unmatched professionalism. We mainly remain engaged in robotic supplies and a focused approach makes us unique. Due to constant professional efforts, we have earned a reputation that leads to unshakable customer loyalty.

Our Vision

We have the vision to get an appreciation for our robotic arms used in manufacturing on the basis of quality. Thus, we make sure, through our manufacturing facility, to keep producing error-free products.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Where is your production plant?
Our factory is situated in shanghai China
Do you accept bulk orders?
Yes! We target corporate buyers that regularly give us bulk orders
Do you sell outside China?
Yes! We entertain customers outside China and we can ship orders received from overseas.

About TQ

As one of the largest technological service providers and electronics specialists in Germany, TQ-Group provides customized, innovative solutions for a wide range of industries and sectors – from development, production and other services to product life cycle management. We deliver expertise, experience and far-sighted vision in the areas of E²MS, Embedded, Drives, Robotics, Automation, Medical and Aviation/Avionics.

TQ is fully certified and has received various awards.

Industrial Services

TQ-Systems has strong roots as an E²MS service provider and offers solutions for electronics needs. We can assist companies in every phase of their product lifecycle.

Our Services

We are providing different services in this sector to wide area of world


We are proud to protect your organi- zation with our award-winning


Industrial Solutions

We provide different kind off electronic products and electronic services "Made in Germany"



Warm reception of new and old customers, accurate understanding of customer needs, strict quality process control , ensure the contract delivery cycle timely quality tracking, quickly deal with quality objections. Our suggestions for you per our long-termed experience are as follows:


Customer’s satisfaction. And zero defect, zero complaint as the quality objective


Know the exact composition of your material for quality assurance .


Rapid response to all quotations and mails will be processed immediately.


our relatively low raw material and tooling costs, together with high speed automated manufacturing processes result in very competitive unit costs.

TQ Systems Shanghai CO., LTD

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