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As one of the largest technological service providers and electronics specialists in Germany, TQ-Group provides customized, innovative solutions for a wide range of industries and sectors – from development, production and other services to product life cycle management. We deliver expertise, experience and far-sighted vision in the areas of E²MS, Embedded, Drives, Robotics, Automation, Medical and Aviation/Avionics.

TQ is fully certified and has received various awards.

TQ Systems Shanghai CO., LTD

TQ Group

TQ also offers a complete range of in-house products such as embedded modules, basic boards, HMI systems, as well as drive and automation solutions.


SHANGHAI TUMING INDUSTRIAL ., LIMITED has been providing all kinds of cable and/or wire accessories and sealing solutions for cables to the world.

Manufacturing Processes

SHANGHAI has been providing all kinds of cable and/or wire

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Process Commercialization

TQ Systems Shanghai CO., LTD

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