Key Aspects to Know Before Buying Robot’s Arm

5 Common Applications of Industrial Robots
September 22, 2021
Robotic arm

Key Aspects

The factory robot arm has many industrial benefits over human workers. When these are used in repetitive tasks, they complete their tasks without breaks, injuries, and mistakes. They also help to improve the quality of the work.

Robot arms are famous for a wide range of applications. That’s the reason robot arm suppliers have provided benefits many industries. They reduce the workload of humans and do their tasks efficiently.

You should know the following factors before you buy a robot arm. It is also important to know the different kinds of robot arms.

Difference between Collaborative and Traditional Robot Arms:

While you are starting your journey with robotics, it is vital to know both of the options.

Traditional Robot Arms:

  • These are ideal for large companies.
  • They require extensive programming skills.
  • These are also programmed for the unchanging environment.
  • They repeat the same actions for years.
  • According to the budget, they are expensive.

Collaborative Robot Arm:

  • These are designed for low-volume production.
  • They are easy to deploy and have simple programming.
  • These are flexible enough to adapt to the changes in the environment.
  • They can learn skills.
  • These have competitive costs.
Hydraulic Robotic arm holding a box

Return on Investment (ROI) Calculation for an Industrial Robot Arm:

If you want to automate with robots, you must first determine the value of automation for your particular organization. Some businesses compute ROI by dividing the machine’s cost by the monthly payment of a worker.

An accurate calculation considers the short and long-term benefits. Here are some examples you should know.

How higher productivity will benefit your company?

After that, you automate manual and repetitive operations, think about the long-term health and safety benefits of your employees. Your staff will work on more interesting projects, which will make them do their work with interest. Furthermore, the faster turnaround time for your products will appeal to your clients, and you will improve your business.

How much money could you save on labor costs?

Consider how much money you could save on health, medical, and insurance costs if robots are integrated into your workplace. Robotics and automation improve worker safety and ergonomics. These also allow individuals to develop new technical skills and raise job satisfaction. This may have a positive impact on the costs of recruitment and training.

As many robotic systems are user-friendly and simple to train, businesses may be able to save money on recurring engineering expenses.

How much money would you save over time if your manufacturing was more stable?

Robotic automation often results in fewer errors because of repetition or worker tiredness. This can also affect the quality of the products. This could reduce the amount of time spent on reworking parts and the costs of scrap materials. Consistency, in part quality, may also help to increase customer retention and loyalty.

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