Robotic Arm

High Quality Factory Robotic Arm Suppliers

We, the TQ systems Shanghai Co., Limited are among the prominent robotic arm suppliers in China. We are the exclusive robotic products supplier in the Chinese market and we are on course to target the global industry. We can offer industrial robots catering to all 7 axes. Our robots are used in various industries.

What keeps us Moving

We are a team built on grit, integrity, trust, and the collective pursuit of excellence in every factory robot arm we develop. We get motivation by listening to the issues our customers have and crafting the solutions that will influence their operations for the better.

What sets us Apart as Robot Arm Suppliers


As one of the new robotic arm suppliers, in the initial stages of our growth phase, we strived hard to maintain a balance between quality and time. We gave individual attention to our clients, heard their requirements, and handed overwork before the agreed deliverable date. We also ensured high-quality standards are maintained.

Passionate Robot Arm Suppliers

We always focus on maintaining a positive attitude, retaining the passion for our work, and getting familiarized with the technological advancement coming to satisfy every dimension of our customer’s needs.

Affordable Pricing

We offer our premium factory robot arm and make sure that our robots are our fundamental reason for making sure we get brand commitment and customer satisfaction through our Franka Emika robots.
As one of the top robot arm suppliers, we pay to heed to maintain standard work ethics and offer our clients market competitive prices.

Experienced Robotic Arm Suppliers

We have been operating in the robot market for over a decade. During that time, we have put in enough efforts to build an impressive reputation among robot arm suppliers. With a large network of buyers and suppliers, we have supplied various factory robot arms to a range of applications.
Robots are not a mandatorily complex investment. With an industry expertise of ten years, we have incredible automation experts in our team, who can make your factory robot arm investment a straightforward process.
We believe our employees are our assets. Therefore, we take care of them like no other robotic arm suppliers.