Small industrial robot

High Quality Small Industrial Robot Manufacturer

TQ systems Shanghai Co., Limited is among the leading small industrial robot manufacturers in China. One of a kind in the market, our advanced industrial robots are automation parts that integrate with any relevant machine and don’t need any proprietary programming language.
Discover our wide range of small industrial robots!
TQ offers top-quality new small industrial robots for both small and large companies throughout China and outside China. We have more than 10 years of experience manufacturing robotic arms used in manufacturing for a wide range of applications.

Benefits of Our Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing

Space Saving

With our advanced robotics for manufacturing, you can automate in confined and small spaces using our super compact industrial robots, featuring built-in controllers. Now, do more with less!

Precision Maximized

Zero in on highly précised positioning, thanks to the micrometer repeatability of our small industrial robot. Keep getting your targets, consistently!

Gain flexibility

Simplify your projects’ design constraints by placing our small industrial robot arms in your preferred orientation, without any software or hardware changes. Reveal your design ideas!

Save integration time

Save precious time by using the language of your choice to use our robots. Get your project started within minutes!

Robotic Arms Used In Manufacturing


Our large inventory for robotic arms used in manufacturing and industrial robots provide more options at lower prices. While new robots give the latest robots are a massive way to save money without sacrificing quality.
All industrial robots we manufacture go through an extensive process, making sure the integrity of the entire robotic system.
Whether you are an experienced or a first-time buyer, our representatives in the sales team along with robot technicians can aid you to select the right industrial robot to meet your application needs.